Photo Sharing!

We’ll be using this page to share pictures/videos/whatever we have with y’all. There will be some links up here later after the dust settles but in the mean time, if you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, search #SWMiniFest to see current pictures!

Post your photos to our Facebook wall or share your albums there as well.

If you’d like to share a link to your photo album, comment and share the link below! We’d love to see everyone’s pictures!

7 thoughts on “ Photo Sharing!

  1. Robyn Saunders says:

    Just a taste of the pix I took this weekend. More will be featured in the upcoming Miniology TV special edition.

  2. Louie Boertje says:

    In-car footage from drag race night – run1 –
    run2 –

  3. says:

    And here is the video of the South Mountain Sunset Run –

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